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Everything has been thought of

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The photovoltaic facility in Tornal'a consists of three independent solar power plants. They are all connected through a joint substation - thanks to SAG Elektrovod.

The photovoltaic facility in Tornal’a comprised of three independent solar power stations. Each facility is designed for an electrical power of just under 4 MWp. Each of the three facilities includes a container transformer station, in which the electricity produced in direct current (D.C.) in inverters is converted into alternating current (A.C.) and following this it is conducted into the substation facility. 

Via a low voltage / high voltage transformer the power is then transmitted into a collective 22 kV substation facility. It is connected to a 22/110 kV transformer with a power of ten MVA. Due to a 110 kV switch-off module with power isolating switches, the electrical power is supplied into the 110 kV power line of the network provider Stredoslovenská Energetika.

During the construction of the photovoltaic facility, SAG Elektrovod proved its comprehensive competence for projects concerning substation facility construction. So the following construction elements were undertaken in the planning and installation:

  • Building of the joint substation
  • Power and control connections
  • 22 kV substation with the transformer stations of the individual solar power stations
  • 22/110 kV transformer with knot and control resistor
  • 110 kV switch-off module with power isolating switches
  • Connection to the 110 kV power line
  • Pole foundations, earth construction works, streets and paths in the inner area, fencing