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Fast implementation

Fast implementation

Put under pressure

E.ON requested more pressure for its underground gas storage facility in Zsana. This wish was swiftly satisfied: SAG Hungaria erected the necessary substations within a few months.

In order to adapt to the increasing consumption of its customers, E.ON has expanded its natural gas storage facilities in Zsana, Hungary. Due to increased pressure in the underground deposit, gas can be further compressed and therefore stored in larger quantities. New high-performance compressors had to be installed for this increased gas pressure. E.ON contracted Földgáz Storage Zrt. the SAG Hungaria Kft for the necessary expansion of the mains connections.

Alongside the new construction of a 120/20 kV substation, the existing
120/6 kV transformer station was expanded. The services rendered by SAG
included the installation of two transformers à 63 MVA with switch panels, a 20 kV substation, a protection and control system as well as laying cables.

Furthermore, the electricians installed a 120 kV power line, which combines
both transformer stations with each other. Within six months, the SAG specialists implemented the project, including all the commissioning work.