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All wheels are turning

All wheels are turning

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It needs a ton of energy to produce 350,000 tons of paper annually. SAG Hungaria created the necessary infrastructure.

In 2009, the market-leading producer of paper-based packaging materials in central and eastern Europe, Dunapack Zrt. started up a new paper mill south of Budapest. Due to the latest technology, over 350,000 tons of paper are produced environmentally friendly every year. However, this enormous production capacity also requires a high demand of energy, which is to be covered with its own waste incineration plant with a nominal power of 50 MW. Furthermore, the paper mill should be connected to the 120 kV main distribution network.

The SAG Hungaria Kft. specialists undertook this project. Thereby the substation was expanded by two 40 MVA transformers and the planned power station connection was installed. Furthermore, the connection of the substation to the main distribution network was made. Further tasks were the transfer of the capacitor facility, the expansion of the auxiliary operation with direct and alternating current, the complete protection and control system as well as the installation of a new dispatch centre. The SAG electricians carried out the entire work during the ongoing operation and thereby the deadlines could be kept.