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600 kilometres of broadband network

600 kilometres of broadband network

Swift data flow

STT-FRANCOMAT, an affiliate of SAG Thepault, expands the broadband network in the province of Haute-Marne with the latest installation techniques.

The Council of the French province Haute-Marne has commissioned STT-FRANCOMAT a subsidiary of SAG-Thepault with the expansion of the high-speed network in the region.

By 2013, the order calls for the installation of 600 kilometres of cable for the broadband network. The network will be expanded by 177 kilometres alone in 2011. Depending on the requirement, various techniques are deployed - from the traditional underground cable installation to micro-trenching. Micro-trenching is a modern process during which a trench that is only 30 centimetres deep is cut into the asphalt. Subsequently, the cables are laid in the trench. This method is significantly more cost-effective than the standard underground method.