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Modern power grid

Modern power grid

Beautiful views

SAG Vigilec provides a qualitative better power grid in the French province of Allier. At the same time, the modernization contributes to the beautification of the landscape.

The Syndicat Départemental d'Energie of the province of Allier signed a contract with SAG Vigilec for the modernisation of the medium and low voltage grid in more than 60 municipalities of the region. The overhead lines are to be modernized by 2015 and the underground lines are to be restored, the power poles disassembled and more than 250 kilometres of new cables are to be installed. In addition, the street lighting systems are updated to the latest state of technology in many locations.

With this project, SAG Vigilec not only makes a contribution to the improvement of the power grid in the province of Allier but it also beautifies the landscape.