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Flying high on overhead line masts

Flying high on overhead line masts

Flying high on overhead line masts

Thanks to SAG, birds can come into land on many power masts in West Germany and take off again without coming to harm.

Intensive cooperation between conservationists, grid operators and environmental authorities has resulted in a VDE application guide for bird protection on medium-voltage overhead power lines. The SAG Wallenhorst regional office has now installed protective equipment on concrete and lattice masts in the area supplied by Westnetz.

The team of Jürgen Kramer, head of the Wallenhorst regional office, aims to use appropriate measures to prevent birds – particularly those with a large wingspan – being able to bridge conductor cables or grounded cross-arms with their wings and receiving a fatal electric shock. “We are placing covers on all live sections, replacing insulators with longer ones and fitting anti-perching spikes to stop birds landing,” continues Kramer.

As power supplies don’t need to be interrupted, much of this work is going unnoticed. Using special tools and equipment, the fitters can carry out part of the work while the lines are still live. Occupational safety is the top priority. All fitters are given intensive training on the specialist aspects of this project.

Foto: © SAG