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District heating on a roll

District heating on a roll

District heating route under the bridge

Karlstein regional office lays district heating route directly under a bridge over the River Main in the center of Aschaffenburg.

Photo: © Frank Räcker/vor-ort-foto.de

Aschaffenburger Versorgungs GmbH (AVG) commissioned SAG to lay a district heating route under the town’s Willigisbrücke bridge. Construction work began in January of this year and the welding work was completed in March. The project was implemented jointly by the Karlstein regional office and the Alsfeld branch.

“District heating routes are normally laid in the ground and under rivers. However, in this case, we installed the route within the actual bridge structure,” explains site supervisor Bernhard Albert, highlighting the special nature of this project. “That was a first for us. We’ve never laid a district heating route like that before.” This method was chosen not only because laying pipes underground is more costly, but also -because there was not enough space for the route -connection -required in the center of -Aschaffenburg.

The route consists of a flow pipe and a return pipe, both 233.30 meters long. The KMR pipes are designed for pressures up to 16 bar and measure 200 millimeters in diameter. The pipes are insulated using foam and a casing made of metal plate. The outer diameter, including the insulation materials, is 350 millimeters. 

The pipes were entirely laid on rollers. That means vibrations in the bridge won’t cause any problems. In addition, any expansion of the pipes due to temperature fluctuations is prevented by expansion bends and joints.