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Construction and upgrading work in Frimmersdorf

Construction and upgrading work in Frimmersdorf

Narrow window of time for a lot of work

In the space of just six months, SAG carried out extensive construction and upgrading work to secure the supply to the public grid and the Garzweiler open-cast mine.

RWE Power AG operates several open-cast mines and coal-fired power stations in the brown coal district of the Rhine area. As a condition of opening two new blocks BoA2 and BoA3 at the Neurath power plant, RWE Power AG undertook to reduce capacities at the Frimmersdorf power plant. Consequently, eight blocks, each with an output of 150 megawatts, were removed from the grid at the Frimmersdorf site by the end of 2012. To ensure the supply to the public grid and the Garzweiler
open-cast mine was not affected, extensive building and upgrading work was required around the power plant and the Frimmersdorf transformer substation.

Six months to completion

This large-scale project was assigned to SAG cable engineers from the Montabaur site. Six months was time until the completion date.

The first phase of the work meant dismantling a 700 meter 110 kV line plus five masts and their foundations. The next phase was to construct a new 1.2 kilometer 110 kV line with four circuits in the form of twin-conductor cable on the same site. The foundations for the six new masts, each 70 meters high, were made using large
bored piles, some in the area of the open-cast mine, some on the power plant complex. 

At the same time, the foundations were laid for three 380 kV masts weighing a total of 270 tons. Some of these were integrated into existing circuits, while others were fitted with new 380 kV circuits in the form of quadruple-conductor cable. 

Three further 380 kV masts were installed at Allrath so that the newly constructed
Welschenberg transformer substation could be connected to the 380 kV grid.
SAG also dismantled six 110 kV masts and three 380 kV masts each weighing 90 tons in the area surrounding the Frimmersdorf power plant. On top of that, we carried out steel renovation work totaling 49 tons at various mast locations.

Handover right on time

At peak times, over 100 fitters were busy on the site.. Despite adverse weather conditions toward the end, SAG managed to finish all the work properly and on time, and complete the handover to the client.