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Full steam ahead

Full steam ahead

Guaranteed safe supply

SAG Erwin Peters provided safe operations of the gas compressor system when the gas and steam turbines of RWE were expanded at the Lingen power plant location.

Key Facts

  • Customer: RWE Power AG
  • Plant: gas compressor of a 887 MW gas and steam power plant, Lingen
  • Commissioning: 2010

RWE Power AG constructed a gas-steam power plant with a net capacity of 887 MW to expand its power plant location in Lingen. The new gas and steam power plant works on the principle of combined power-heat cycle. Two gas compressors made by General Electrics with a capacity of 7 MW each were installed to provide the necessary gas pressure.

System constructor Bohlen & Doyen contracted with SAG Erwin Peters to ensure the operation of the gas compressor of the gas-steam power plant with the assistance of an automation system. For this purpose, the technicians installed the entire electrical, measuring and control technology; they planned and installed the medium-voltage wiring and they installed a low-voltage substation including uninterrupted power supply. In addition, the fail-safe control S7-400 HF by Siemens was delivered and programmed. SAG Erwin Peters created the function plans and images to operate the turbo compressor as specifications for programming the higher level process control system.