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A modular structure

A modular structure

Success with system

The Centre for GeoInformation Technology (CeGIT) of SAG develops software solutions for the customer relationship management of RWE Vertrieb AG and RWE AG.

In addition to the sales of the energy supply company, the sales platform (VPF) supports with its various modules among others the key account management in the proposal and ordering process and the central and decentralised risk controlling of RWE's regional companies. Additional areas of application are product development and event management. In addition, CeGIT developed a CRM solution for the concession business.

In 2009, CeGit has implemented a CRC test module (commodity risk control) to check the market risks of the energy supply company's customers. With the implementation of this partial project of the sales platform, the CRM solution was implemented as a central system in the entire IT environment of RWE – with interfaces to other SAP systems for the portfolio management of electrical power and gas.

This sales platform supports risk controlling of RWE's regional companies during
market and risk assessment. In addition, it is used to process the review of gas contracts. The processes of the sales platform communicate with other systems via RemoteFunctionCall (SAP). For this purpose, the sales platform's process interface is used, which is based on the GBOS product by CeGIT.