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Smart Maintenance

Smart Maintenance

Intelligent Maintenance

Maintenances processes can be optimized if supported by IT. During an evaluation process concerning the status of the gas pressure regulator systems, SAG has shown how it's done

The power supply company RheinEnergie was commissioned by network operator Rheinische NETZGesellschaft to develop new evaluation processes concerning the condition and the meaning of gas pressure regulator systems (GPR systems) in order to derive at optimized maintenance cycles. The goal was to implement these processes into the existing IT infrastructure. RheinEnergie believed in the competences of SAG's Center for GeoinformationsTechnology (CeGIT).

A significant goal was the integration of the evaluation procedure into SAP-PM. This should provide the foundations for a statistic analysis of state variables and measuring parameters and the results from the function tests and maintenance should be used efficiently to evaluate the system.

The implementation was realized with the CeGIT Software xRCM, which allows illustrating reliability-oriented evaluation processes by integrating them into the SAP-PM. The xRCM plug-in uses the information provided in SAP-PM and it supplements them by evaluation relevant data. The evaluation results are in turn provided as basis for the regulation of the maintenance processes in SAP-PM.

In addition to a prioritized list of GPR systems, the graphic evaluations were implemented as state advancement of the system. For management, the technical objects can be retrieved directly in SAP-PM and they can be used as foundation for decision-making processes.