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Operational management via ISDN and DSL

Operational management via ISDN and DSL

24/7 Service

Thanks to modern online technology, SAG is able to handle operational management of substations that is hundreds of kilometres away.

SAG has a logistics centre in Berlin equipped with the latest technology for remote monitoring of transformer substations for feeding decentralised power plants into the high voltage grid. SAG is permanently online with these switchgears thanks to the contemporary technology.

The systems are operated by a 24-hour on-call service in the logistics centre in addition to the 24-hour service for scheduled maintenance work and troubleshooting services. SAG can be swiftly on-site and ensure safe operations of the systems thanks to its nationwide representation and a perfectly coordinated work among all participating departments. This limits outages to a minimum.

From Berlin, SAG monitors the operation of 24 transformer substations in all of Germany. Part of it is a solar park transformer substation in Brandenburg, a 119 kV substation for a municipal utility company, and wind part transfer substations. The IT infrastructure is provided for operations for five additional plants. Overall, SAG handles the service of approximately 70 transformer substations and many transfer and transformer stations in wind parks.