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Efficient action

Efficient action

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After a big thunderstorm in the summer of 2011, SAG was called for fault clearance as competent partner.

In summer 2011, a thunderstorm in south-east Germany caused a disruption to a 110kV line in Bavaria. After the fault clearance service E.ON Netz carried out the initial backup even on the same day, the network operator requested support from SAG on the following day. There was a lot to do. Five overhead power line masts were snapped like matchsticks during the thunderstorm, three further were distorted and only fit for scrap.

Firstly, poles and lines had to be secured. Afterwards an overhead power line system was provisionally reconstructed. An 18 man strong team of E.ON and SAG colleagues constructed and erected the special delivered pole frame that E.ON Netz had acquired from SAG. A large part of the components were supplied assembled in containers. This turned out to be a particularly efficient procedure, both regarding the transportation and the installation time, which could be significantly reduced.

The temporary solution consisted of a length of 3.6 kilometres made from 15 tension and two suspension portals. Already one week after the storm, it could be started up. A further week later the place of disruption had been cleared up and prepared for the reconstruction. Thereby SAG significantly contributed to start the temporary operation within a short amount of time and to enable the reconstruction work.