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Quality counts

Quality counts

Everything is precisely registered

The properties and quality of biogas must be precisely documented. For this purpose, on behalf of Deutsche Energie-Agentur, SAG has developed a biogas register.

The use of biomethane for power and heat generation and fuel is controlled by numerous laws and regulations. They state that sellers of biogas, according to its use, must be able to prove the different properties of the gas to the purchaser along the supply chain.

The biogas register is a documentation system, which proves the properties and quality of biogas. Sellers can thereby prove that the supplied biomethane actually complies with the contractually defined properties.

The SAG's centre for geoinformation technology (CeGIT) was commissioned the project to develop the biogas register by Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena). Alongside creating a requirement specification, this also included the developmental implementation on the basis of the SAG framework and the commissioning for dena.

As independent experts, auditors registered by dena test the biogas facility as well as the biogas produced there. Should the gas be in accordance with the legal guidelines for obtaining the biogas quality standard, the experts consign a corresponding verification in the register.