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In the underground

In the underground

An electrified city

In order to ensure power supply to the Czech city Brno, SAG Elektrovod installed a new 110 kV line - in a central duct running 35 meters below the city.

With a population of approximately 370,000 inhabitants, the city Brno (Czech Republic) has a yearly energy consumption of over 350 MW. A central hub for the supply of electricity and heat is the load distributor plant BNT9 of the Brünn thermal power station.

In order to enable the higher energy supply from the thermal power station in the city's power supply system that will be required in the future, SAG Elektrovod installed a new 110 kV cable line between the thermal power station and the load distributor plant on behalf of E.ON Česká republika. The line runs 35 metres deep via a central canal.

The mechanics of SAG Elektrovod began with the construction of the overall 65 ton heavy steel holders for the new line, on to the high pressure water pipelines, high and low voltage cable lines as well as the heating steam pipeline. The canal is 2.5 kilometres long and only 4.5 metres high. Within it, it maintains a permanent 90% humidity. Via five accesses not only the employees descended into the depth, but they also fed the cables in. The pulling of the cable was done with the help of a cable winch, which due to its size, could be directly inserted into the canal. After not even a year’s construction time, the cable line could be operated.