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Two in one sweep

Two in one sweep

Extra-high Voltage

In only eleven month the SAG implemented a 12 kilometer extra-high voltage line, 47 steel masts and the reconstruction of a 400-kV substation – and at the same time secured the energy supply for East Slovakia.

Due to the special energy-intensive production process, the efficiency and dependability of the energy supply have an especially high value in the steel industry. The electrical transfer capacity is significantly increased with the construction of a 400-kV substation and thereby secures the current supply for U.S. Steel the largest company in Eastern Slovakia.

As a connecting point between the two 400-kV substation in Moldava and Lemešany the unit in Košic improves the energy supply for all of Eastern Slovakia. Due to modern online technology it is possible to monitor the secondary technology of the substation tele-control.

The connection between the two substations in Košice und Moldava — a twelve kilometer long extra-high voltage line carried by 47 steel masts — was an important investment in the Slovakian extra-high voltage network. The large-scale project was completely implemented within the shortest amount of time by SAG Elektrovod.