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Surmounting all obstacles

Surmounting all obstacles

Highwire act

In Ireland, SAG demonstrated how to cross three very busy transport routes with one overhead line without disrupting the traffic.

The southern Irish river of Suir is a busy commercial waterway. Not only this, but seven tracks of the Irish Rail run alongside it as does the main road, the N9. The renewal of some 1000 meters of overhead lines demanded both know-how and experience. The Irish contractor, the Electricity Supply Board, was able to see the expertise of SAG for themselves by following the electrical works live on the much-travelled German A3 Autobahn. They soon after commissioned the job. In August 2006, the 110kV overhead lines above the three busy transport routes were successfully renewed in just five days without causing any disruption to traffic. What’s more, it was done in the company of Irish television broadcasters.