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A special kind of cable installation

A special kind of cable installation

Solution with depth

How do you secure the energy supply of a research lab 500 meters deep? SAG subsidiary Thepault got to the bottom of the question.

In the depths of Jura in Lorraine, France, ANDRA (Agence nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs), near Bure, maintains a development lab, which, like all others of its kind, is dependent on a reliable power supply.

In order to make this reality, two voltage cables, one medium and one low, weighing tonnes, needed to be sunk down into the ground via a vertical supply shaft. Of course, the highest standards in safety needed to be maintained when doing so. Special tools were constructed specifically for this. SAG Thepault was also responsible for the work connecting everything to the above-ground distributor station as well as the final initiation.