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Comprehensive all-round packet

Comprehensive all-round packet


The most modern gas and steam power plant in the world at the Ingelheimer Aue location required a corresponding gas pressure regulation and measurement system. SAG took care of it.

The SAG company, Strüder GmbH, was the right partner for the ready-to-use installation of a complex gas pressure regulation and measurement system. This system supplies the heating boilers and gas turbines of a gas/steam combined cycle power plant as well as of a gas combined cycle power station with up to 168,000 cubic meters of gas per hour. Here, the inlet pressure of 70 bars is regulated to discharge pressure levels of between 16 and 40 bars. The size of the system made it necessary to install numerous safety shut-off facilities.

SAG Strüder GmbH took on the responsibility for the planning, installation and initiation of the entire system including both detail and construction planning, machine components and demanding automation and gas measurement technology solutions. Also included in this major project were the setup of a multi-boiler system with an output of 2,960 kilowatts for the preheating of natural gas and the installation of some 400 meters of piping, shouldered entirely by the SAG company.