Intelligent energy
is the future.  

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Energy infrastructure with SPIE SAG.  

Smart technologies: we implement the transformation of the energy system

The transformation of our energy system requires a comprehensive adjustment to the energy infrastructure. This includes, on the one hand, the expansion of the transmission networks and distribution grids, making them more powerful. On the other hand, it requires new, smart technologies to regulate consumption and the infeed of energy. We incorporate our expertise in energy infrastructure, accumulated over decades, into developing such smart technologies and help to realise the transformation of the energy system.

Together with affiliates from industry and science, we have developed an intelligent distribution grid management system (iNES), with which we contribute to the expansion of the low-voltage grid into a Smart Grid.

An equally important element in the construction of Smart Grids are Smart Meters. These intelligent meters give customers additional transparency in their current energy consumption. We are partners for the installation of Smart Meters in the context of large scale projects (roll-outs). 

We are always thinking one step ahead. Future technologies such as e-mobility require a suitable charging infrastructure in order to be broadly viable. Today, we are already supporting our customers in developing intelligent solutions for a suitable electric infrastructure in the distribution grid.