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Onshore and offshore: our services for the secure transferral of energy from wind farms

Wind energy is one of the mainstays of renewable energy in Germany. The challenges lie in connecting the wind farm to the main grid — especially when they are offshore. Our many years of experience in transmission networks and distribution grids as well as in substation construction make us a reliable partner for connecting onshore and offshore wind farms — at all voltage levels.

Onshore wind farms

As a general contractor, we will take care of the configuration and set-up of the electro-technical infrastructure of onshore wind farms. This includes coordinating the grid connection with the energy provider, as well as the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the: 

  • internal wind farm cabling,
  • transfer station (compact station),
  • substations including all components as well as
  • high-voltage overhead lines and cable systems including planning and routing on a turnkey basis.

Following successful grid connection, we will be happy to take care of the operation of the electro-technical infrastructure for you. We monitor substations from our logistics center. Depending on customer requirements, we can take care of all maintenance, fault-clearing, overhauling and repairs.

Offshore wind farms

In transmitting offshore wind energy, the skills of two companies — both having operated in the field of infrastructure for many years — SPIE SAG and Bohlen & Doyen are combined, for the issue of laying submarine cables on the one hand, and for network, station and plant construction on the other. We ensure that the power generated on a offshore wind farm reaches the substation on land, and is then fed into the transmission network from there.

Our range of services

  • Routing
  • Infield submarine cable laying
  • Offshore substations
  • Near-shore submarine cable laying
  • Cable laying on islands and mud flats
  • Cable transfer to land
  • Land-based cable laying
  • Connection to power grid
  • Onshore substations
  • HV overhead lines
  • Operation of substations
  • Onshore and offshore services: Maintenance and fault-clearing