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Connecting renewables to the grid: the all-inclusive, worry-free package for in-feeding

Energy generation is becoming increasingly decentralised. Ever more renewable energy generators, such as wind turbine plants or photovoltaic systems, need to be connected to the transmission and distribution systems. We ensure that your plant can feed power into the grid, problem-free.

We provide you with an all-inclusive, worry-free package: from the design of the transmission lines and realising the connection, to operating the systems. Our nationwide presence means we can connect systems almost anywhere in Germany.

Planning and routing

We carry out comprehensive planning services to realise grid connection for you — whether they're high-voltage power lines or medium-voltage cables. Our services range from approval management and route planning, to electro-technical planning and ancillary construction measures.

Overhead line and cable construction

We can take care of laying the cables for your generation plant. As a skilled partner in cable construction, we build high-voltage and medium-voltage overhead lines, cable systems and substations to connect wind farms, solar energy systems or other decentralised generation facilities to the power grid.

Turnkey transformer stations

We deliver turnkey transformer stations to connect renewable energy generators to the high and medium-voltage grid. This includes high-voltage substation panels, connection to the high-voltage grid, factory-built medium-voltage substations, power transformers and prefabricated foundations for high-voltage fields, transformers and buildings. Our substations are fitted with control systems for connection to a central monitoring system as standard.

Medium-voltage systems

We design, supply and install transformer stations and medium-voltage systems which act as an interface between the medium-voltage and low-voltage network. Our services are supplier-neutral. We build stations of all types and with devices from all manufacturers.

Operation and service

We take care of the operational management of substations feeding decentralised energy generation into the high-voltage grid. From our logistics centre, we can monitor systems remotely and, where necessary, intervene directly or deploy our service team on-site. In addition to operation management, our services also include inspections and maintenance works to the substations.

Remote monitoring

Online access to the remote monitoring center for substations