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Industrial solutions: energy infrastructure for the processing industry

With our expertise and experience in the field of energy infrastructure, we are not only a recognised partner for energy providers, but also active in many branches of the industry. Why not take advantage of our cross-industry knowledge?

Find out more about our expertise in the field of electro-technical infrastructure for industry plants!

Project management

Large and complex projects require highly-skilled and well-structured project management. Thanks to our experts' extensive experience, you will have a professional service provider at your side.

Our range of services

  • Provision of project management, senior construction management and specialist construction management
  • Sub-contracting of external services
  • Technical and commercial lead management in the consortium
  • Interface coordination with adjacent trades
  • Scheduling and monitoring, work package approval
  • Creation of specifications and installation instructions
  • Cost monitoring
  • Site management and coordination
  • Site set-up and organisation
  • Workforce management
  • Materials scheduling and warehouse management
  • Handling of provided components
  • Quality management
  • Health & safety management

Basic-Engineering & Detail-Engineering

With our extensive expertise and our many years of experience in the field of engineering service provision, we help you in the planning stage of your industry facility to achieve your ambitious power supply targets. Besides basic and detail engineering for electrics, measuring, control technology and automation, our range of services also include other sectors:

  • Vendor-independent calculations and design of MV and LV substations, cables, lighting systems and earthing systems
  • Cable management using the REKAP system, routing, cable pull cards, warehouse management, reporting, documentation
  • CAD cable route planning (incl. AutoCAD and Microstation) taking account of local conditions, cable reels, mechanical and electrical loads
  • Creation of specifications and installation instructions, device specification and selection
  • Creation of risk analyses for HSE management
  • Installation and commissioning planning

MV and LV distribution

Electrical systems that we install for electric power distribution in industry plants and systems are characterised by their compactness and reliability. From the medium-voltage infeed to the last consumer connection, from the connection of secondary and parallel networks via the secure power supply with emergency electricity generators, to emergency power supply with UPS and battery systems. We also give you flexibility thanks to our vendor-neutral expertise for MV and LV substations, as well as cabinets for protection and control systems.

Our range of services

  • MV substations
    - Design, calculation and selection of products based on the data provided
    - Coordination with the responsible operator of the upstream network
    - Set-up of internal supply networks
  • LV systems including controllers
  • Station automation in power distribution
  • Battery and UPS systems
  • Power distribution
    - Transformers
    - Busbar systems
    - Cable systems
    - Cable ducts

Cables and wiring

Usually, when installing electrical systems in industry plants, several hundred metres of cables and lines need to be laid. We keep track and rewire even the most complex systems with ease. Using our in-house designed REKAP cable management system, we will carry out the cable run planning and take on the associated cable laying.

Our range of services

  • CAD cable route planning with Auto CAD and Microstation
  • Cable run planning for systems of all sizes and complexity (detailed implementation planning for route installation, cable laying and connections)
  • Implementation-related project progress reports
  • IT-based documentation

REKAP - The benefits of our cable management system

  • Savings potential using optimised cable run planning
  • Early recognition of route overcrowding, thus avoiding cost-intensive conversion works
  • Optimum material storage and reduction of waste thanks to continuous quantity monitoring
  • Daily updates on the execution status
  • Database management using Microsoft SQL Server
  • Data transfer via all common formats up to ODBC drivers of CAD systems
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office applications
  • Tool for the migration of old or external data
  • A system proven in practice

Lighting systems

Our experienced engineering and installation staff will take over your entire lighting planning from installation and conversion to documentation. We will also create maintenance plans and provide contemporary models (managed services) for the efficient operation of your lighting systems. Just get in touch!

Our range of services

  • Technical, electrical, structural and economical analyses regarding the lighting points, the control and protection equipment, the surface and underground works as well as installation
  • Upgrading or expansion of existing lighting systems
  • Construction of turnkey plants as well as of individual subcomponents
  • Maintenance and repair services up to full service contracts

Earthing and lightning protection systems

Equipotential bonding, earthing and lighting protection play a key role in industry plants. With sound calculations and sizing, as well as the installation of earthing and lightning protection systems, we contribute to the security of your plant.

Nothing lasts forever — this is especially true of earthing systems. After decades in the earth, they can lose their ability to function due to corrosion, for example. We test, measure and document the condition of the systems and repair them if necessary.

Our range of services

  • Calculation, planning and sizing
  • Installation of the earthing and lighting protection system on and in plants and buildings, as well as the creation of underground earthing systems including underground engineering
  • Manufacture of the entire equipotential bonding in control rooms and process-technical plant parts
  • Testing, measurement and documentation of the system status and functionality of the systems

Automation and instrumentation field engineering

Cost-effectiveness can be greatly increased with a high degree of automation in industrial processes. Sound knowledge of processes is the key factor for the design and installation of automation and instrumentation systems. We provide a team of experts with the necessary expertise and experience at the highest level.

Our range of services


  • Automation solutions, process control systems
  • Control and regulation technology
  • Visualisation solutions and maintenance technology
  • Integration of Black Box systems
  • Field control technology
  • Fault reporting systems

Instrumentation systems
We will take care of the design, supply and installation of electrical and pneumatic instrumentation systems of all kinds for you. Also included in our service portfolio:

  • Analytical systems incl. conductivity measurements, pH measurement
  • Pressure, level, temperature and flow measurements
  • Control valves, pneumatic controls
  • Equipment for transmission of process data
  • Switch and control cabinets
  • Control cable systems

Interdisciplinary services

  • Field installation incl. sensors, actuators, stainless steel piping, control cables
  • Commissioning incl. functional test (loop checks), configuring the field devices
  • Stoppage reviews
  • Periodic checks, incl. test of the interlock conditions/systems, creation of check protocols, review and potential adjustment of the documentation
  • IT-based documentation

Pipeline supply of process liquids and gases

In industrial plants, pipeline systems ensure the supply and disposal of various process liquids and gases such as water, fluids, and district heating. We have the expertise and experience in designing and constructing these systems. We are also highly skilled at checking and refurbishing pipelines.

Our range of services

Further capabilities in the field of pipeline process gases and liquids supply

Get more information about SPIE SAG subsidiary Bohlen & Doyen's skills in the field of pipeline process liquids and gases supply.

Maintenance and servicing

We provide the secure operation of the supply infrastructure for electricity, gas, water, heat, and cold. We also take care of the documentation of supply networks. We meet all requirements according to DIN 31051, which defines the range of services for industrial maintenance. 

We provide our services on the basis of individual contracts, framework contracts through to full-service maintenance. On request, we are happy to take on all maintenance coordination and availability provision.


In order for the electro-technical infrastructure in industrial plants to keep working smoothly, even after years of operation, retrofitting is often inevitable. We are on hand with our extensive service portfolio as a highly-skilled partner in the modernisation of your plant.

We will create a concept for the conversion — from design to commissioning. For the conversion period, we will implement temporary measures and then carry out an inventory of existing plant components and check the plant for compliance with standards and current environmental regulations. In addition, we update transformers, MV and LV substations, lighting systems and the associated cable and cable support systems. We will dispose of the dismantled components for you.

Live working

To avoid shutdowns and downtime, we have qualified employees with the necessary personal protective equipment, that undertake live working up to 1 kV.

Further capabilities in the field of industry solutions

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