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Energy infrastructure with SPIE SAG.  

Traffic technology with SPIE SAG: complete solutions for the "phased traffic lights"

We provide complete solutions for intelligent traffic control: design of signal systems, expert installation as well as fast and capable service where necessary. We take care of simple traffic lights up to complex systems that react dynamically to changing needs. Access equipment for parking systems and parking management systems complete our range of services.

Our range of services

  • Design, installation and maintenance of traffic signals, parking management and traffic monitoring systems
  • Construction and maintenance of railway signalling systems
  • Identification and assessment of traffic volumes and traffic flows
  • Creation of traffic-related technical plans
  • Detailed design, construction management and construction supervision
  • Delivery of customised control units (versasbasic and versasadvanced)
  • Parameterisation of the control units
  • 24-hour maintenance and repair service

Our products

Our traffic control products have proven themselves in practice. Together with our associates, we continuously improve them so that they remain at the cutting edge of technology for you and the control of your systems.

versasbasic & versasadvanced: control units for transport hubs

versasbasic is a control unit for small traffic hubs. It is designed for OCIT signal generators and enables the connection to four to eight signal groups. Thanks to its modular design, versasbasic can be individually expanded.


The next increment of versasbasic is versasadvanced. It is based on the new generation of deTRAcon II control computers and has an OCIT-O V2.x standard interface. With versasadvanced, you can control multiple nodes as sub-nodes and realise challenging traffic-dependent controls with free programming. versasadvanced provides control of up to 160 signal groups.


Both versasbasic and versasadvanced have been developed in cooperation with our partners from Dresden Elektronik.

versasweb: web-based control and traffic counting system

versasweb is a system for centralised web-based monitoring and operation of traffic signals. It records statuses and alarms from the systems and also traffic count data. Should an alarm be triggered, the information is displayed on a web interface for the user who can then immediately make changes. In addition, the alarm can be reported to the appropriate authorities via fax, text or email.