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Technical gas services: in-depth expertise for responsible tasks

Taking care of technical gas systems requires a lot of expertise. Complex normative guidelines must be observed. Often, maintenance works to gas systems are highly relevant for general safety.

Staff at SPIE SAG subsidiary Bohlen & Doyen have acquired sound expertise over the years in the gas sector and can take care of such responsible work. Bohlen & Doyen is therefore the ideal partner for you when it comes to GPCM services, meter management and odouriser services.

GPCM services

Gas pressure control and measuring stations (GPCM stations) are subject to high normative and legal requirements in terms of reliability. Bohlen & Doyen meet these requirements and are a highly-skilled partner for the service. The range of services goes from implementing Plexor measurements and functional diagnostics, and regular functional checks of GPCM systems, to maintaining the building and grounds.

Meter management

Meters for the use of gas, water, electricity and heat need to be replaced at regular intervals. With millions of meters installed in Germany, what is needed is a perfect process from customer information and appointment coordination to replacing the meter. Bohlen & Doyen have highly trained staff to smoothly carry out this process for a large number of customers. The meter service centre is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Gas pipeline network monitoring

Gas pipelines have to be regularly checked for reliability and maintained. This requires not only qualified personnel but also special equipment such as GasCams for detecting gas. Bohlen & Doyen meet both requirements and are therefore capable partners for gas pipeline network monitoring. Other capabilities include the identification and classification of leaks, the location and containment of large-scale gas dispersion using special extraction technology and the detection of metal underground lines

Odouriser services

The odourisation of otherwise odourless gases means the addition of a specific odour. This safety precaution helps to identify potential gas leaks early. Bohlen & Doyen is on hand to provide capable advice in the support, design, supply and assembly of your odouriser system. We take care of the odourant logistics, fill up the odouriser system, take care of the maintenance and repair of the plant, carry out concentration measurements and dispose of contaminated equipment.