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Infrared thermography: detecting faults early and accurately, without affecting processes

When it comes to maintenance, it's important to detect faults as early as possible. They have to be eliminated before subsequent damage occurs and interferes with functionality.

Detecting faults with infrared radiation

Infrared thermography is a modern technology for fault detection. With this measurement method, infrared radiation, which emanates from every object, is converted into a visible thermal image. The major benefit: running processes do not have to be interrupted, nor any plant parts uninstalled to take measurements. Faults can still be detected early and accurately, as each individual component that has become very hot due to a fault is immediately visible in the thermal image. Faulty parts can then be replaced.

Our services

We are a service provider in infrared thermography in the electro-technical and industrial sector. Our staff are certified in accordance with DIN EN 473 and carry out measurements in the following fields:

  • Preventative maintenance (industrial)
  • Electro-technical plants in the low- and high-voltage field (substations, terminal connections etc.)
  • Machinery diagnostics (drives, conveyor belts, clutches, transmissions, engines, turbines, generators etc.)
  • Diagnosis of photovoltaic systems (modules, inverters etc.)
  • Pipelines (especially insulation)
  • Mechanics (bearings, etc.)
  • Fire-retardant lining

Take advantage of the benefits of infrared thermography in the early detection of vulnerabilities and increase the availability of your facilities. Get in contact with us, we'll be happy to advise!