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Post-coating for plastic jacket pipes and supply of moulded parts

Our services range from professional post-coating for plastic jacket pipes and repairs in the case of accidents to supplying moulded parts. Our clients are manufacturers of plastic jacket pipes, pipeline companies, public utilities and private operators of district heating networks.

Nachisolation und Formteile

Our range of services

  • Post-coatings for plastic jacket pipes
  • Manufacture and supply of moulded parts
  • Supplies for district heating technologies

Moulded parts

We manufacture moulded parts in dimensions from Dm 90 to Dm 450, mounting T-pieces, end fittings, sleeve tubes with screw caps, and shut-off valves. We can make mounting sheets from 500 mm (standard) to 1,500 mm side length.


Our installers are examined and approved every 3 years under FW 603 (fitting assembly) and under DVS 2212-4 (plastic welding) based on certificate FW 605. As a rule, we ensure that all areas of post-coating can be covered locally.

District heating supplies

We have an extensive range of supplies for district heating technologies. With everything from signal wire spacers to cylinder welding plugs, we can also deliver fittings up to a length of 1,500 mm, expansion pads (2,000 x 1,000 x 40), laminate, foam bars, foam cups, junction boxes, vent plugs and much more.