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Pipeline construction for water, gas and district heating networks from your experienced partner

We build pipeline networks for gas and water throughout Germany. Our clients include municipalities, utilities, commercial and industrial customers as well as private developers. We are also experienced providers in the district heating sector — from smaller sections up to supplying entire metropolitan areas.

Rohrleitungsbau der SPIE SAG

Our range of services

  • Project planning and routing
  • Documentation and surveying
  • Construction (GW 301, G1 + PE, W1 + PE; FW 601, FW 1)
  • Civil engineering works
  • Gas pressure control and measuring stations (G 493 - 1)
  • Maintenance of pressure control systems (G 493 - 2)
  • Cathodic corrosion protection
  • and much more

District heating pipeline networks

Get more information on our services in the field of district heating pipeline networks.

Cathodic corrosion protection

The life and reliability of steel pipelines are influenced to a large extent by corrosion protection measures. We take on the project design, construction, maintenance and evidence for cathodic corrosions protection. Our specialist qualified staff are able to professionally carry out the planning, development and servicing in the light of applicable regulations and laws (GW 12, DIN 30676 or AFK recommendations by the DVGW).