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Electrical networks: guaranteeing security of supply in the medium and low-voltage sector

Electricity gets to the end consumer via the electrical grid in the medium and low-voltage sector. Here, the highest level of availability is required, as otherwise the lights would go out in cities and the wheels grind to a halt in industrial plants.

With our vendor-independent services, we contribute to the security of supply in the medium and low-voltage network. We design, deliver, install and refurbish turnkey MV/LV installations and stations and MV/LV cable systems and overhead lines. In the field of pylons and foundations, we develop economic refurbishment concepts and undertake the refurbishment work.

MV/LV systems and stations

Distribution grid stations in local networks are the interconnections between the medium voltage and low voltage networks. In industry, distribution grid and transformer stations provide secure electrical supply for businesses. We plan, deliver, install and refurbish MV/LV installations and stations of all types using supplies from all manufacturers.

Our range of services

  • Planning, delivery and installation of turnkey distribution grid stations up to 30 kV in buildings or as pylon stations, with compact or air-insulated substations
  • Refurbishment and modernisation of old systems
  • Cable assembly and dismantling up to 36 kV in all connection technologies
  • Checking and adjustment of analogue and digital protection relays (regardless of manufacturer)
  • Germany-wide station servicing

MV/LV cable systems and overhead lines

We build MV/LV cable systems and overhead lines, combining advanced technology with reliable service. Whether it's design, route planning, construction or optimisation of networks and network systems — we are your capable partner.

Our range of services

  • Overhead lines, cable networks, substations, grid protection systems
  • Project management including authorities and approval management
  • New construction, refurbishment and optimisation
  • Inspections, maintenance, repair
  • Emergency services, outage services
  • Materials logistics

Special services

Pylon and foundation refurbishment

We are one of the leading specialists in the refurbishment of medium and low voltage pylons of all kinds. This includes concrete, steel, aluminium and wooden pylons for various applications (e.g. power lines, lighting, radio and transmission equipment).

Our range of services

  • Damage detection and condition assessment
  • Structural analyses and evaluation of the damage
  • Creation of economic refurbishment concepts for line sections
  • Proof of stability
  • Maintenance and repair (15 year guarantee on stability with full restoration of concrete pylons)

Live working

To utilities to 1 kV, our trained and qualified employees do live working. We have the necessary certificates and personal protective equipment. So we can avoid shutdowns of overhead lines, cable networks and low voltage systems.