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Complete services for BoA

Complete services for BoA

Electro-technology in the lignite power station

The most modern lignite power station in the world was created in Niederaußem. During the electro-technical installation, operator RWE Power relied on SAG as a full service provider.

At the Niederaußem power station site, RWE Power had the most modern lignite power plant unit of its time in the world between 1997 and 2002 with the first ‘lignite power plant with optimised plant technology (BoA)’. 

SAG designed, supplied and installed the entire cable system. The designs were carried out using in-house software, REKAP. SAG also supplied and installed all lighting, fire protection, earthing and lightning protection equipment, and designed the comprehensive IT-supported maintenance system.

With an efficiency of more than 43 percent, BoA Niederaußem is one of the most efficient lignite plant systems in the world.