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MSCDN plant as a turnkey project

MSCDN plant as a turnkey project

More reactive power for the energy revolution

In Goldshöfe, SAG is installing a 250 Mvar compensation system within the existing switchgear as a turnkey project.

SAG is installing its first MSCDN plant, which has now been integrated into the TransnetBW grid at the Goldshöfe site.

The scope of delivery for this includes not only conventional highvoltage switchgear engineering, but also capacitors, coils and resistors that far outstrip the corresponding components in a 380 kV switchgear in terms of size and weight.
This is unusual technology for switchgear engineering, so SAG also took charge of overall planning for the primary and secondary technology, and for carrying out the associated civil engineering work using special, nonferrous coil foundations, for example. SAG also put the system into operation.


MSCDN stands for mechanical switched capacitor with damping network, or reactive power compensation system. The system uses these capacitors to provide reactive power and lessen voltage oscillations. During high capacity utilization, the compensation systems help with voltage stabilization; with low capacity utilization they can simply be separated from the grid to ensure there is no risk of the voltagerising.

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