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250 kilometre of transmission line fitted

250 kilometre of transmission line fitted

More power due to more lines

SAG provided more power for the existing 38 kV high voltage line with two newly installed electrical circuits. The A37 had to be crossed and several reconstructions had to be carried out.

The network operator TenneT operates a 380 kV overhead power line with two circuits in the Netherlands between the cities Zwolle and Veendam. In order to increase the performance of the line, two further circuits with a nominal voltage of 110 kV were fitted to the existing 380 kV systems.

SAG was commissioned the project to carry out the circulation of the circuit of 80 kilometres of 110 kV single cable including the necessary reconstruction work at intersection points. Furthermore, SAG supplied the turnkey fittings and strengthened the foundations with 21 poles.

During the cabling work, the SAG power line constructors had to cross the Dutch A37 motorway twice. With the assistance of a role line system, which was constructed during the two complete closures of the motorway, it could be crossed safely. In order to fit the new lines, various reconstruction work was necessary. As, for example, for pole 56, two intersecting 110 kV lines were lowered to newly assembled traverses, making the use of a provisionary solution necessary.

In total SAG fitted over 250 kilometres of aluminium cabling. This corresponds to an installed weight of around 715 tons of cabling, spreading across 110 cable drums. The work was completed punctually within the agreed time.