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Lighting concept

Lighting concept

Perfectly staged

Since the centre of the town Wallenhorst located in Lower Saxony has been restored, the St. Alexander Church shines in new splendour: SAG implemented the concept of the lighting planner Burkhard Wand perfectly.

In the city centre of Wallenhorst (Niedersachsen), the new St. Alexander church majestically arises. It should be put in the spotlight through stylish lighting during the renovation of the city centre. Light designer Burkhard Wand from Hamburg designed the lighting concept, which presents in detail the characteristic architecture both of the church and the surrounding area.

For the object lighting, SAG installed alongside four light columns with a special optic for an elliptic illumination of the church spire, also optics for the lighting of the roof areas and mirrors for the area lighting of the place. Furthermore, 17 recessed ground luminaries, 19 linear recessed ground luminaries, twelve floor mounted luminaries as well as 69 metre LED under step lighting and over 2,300 metres of cabling were installed. A cable distribution cabinet serves for the protection and control of the lighting facility.

Furthermore, SAG installed underfloor electrics with circuit breakers, CEE and shockproof sockets, which ensure the energy supply around the church at events.