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Safe operation guaranteed

Safe operation guaranteed

Working under voltage

For this industrial company, uninterrupted power supply is even during renovations highly important. SAG ensured on-going operations at TOTAL.

At the chemical site Leuna,TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH's facility underwent a revision lasting several weeks. During this work the SAG renewed the 57-section medium-voltage station, through which the power supply of the methanol station was ensured.

Within a short time frame of four weeks, SAG had to dismantle the old medium-voltage substation as well as erect a new one and put it into operation. The new station was supplied by AREVA (today Schneider Electric). In order to ensure high safety, the loads were connected redundantly in the methanol station. Whilst the work was being carried out, a complete switch off was not possible as the individual drives had to be kept in use for technological reasons. Furthermore, power was required for the revision work in the methanol station.

Given these guidelines, exceptionally good project preparation was required. As not all electrical components could be replaced, due to the short time allowance,
technical solutions had to be found, in order to still connect the load to the new medium-voltage station and to guarantee safe operation.

Furthermore, InfraLeuna GmbH, owner and operator of the infrastructure facilities
at Leuna, equipped the power supplies for the methanol station with new energy meters. This task was also undertaken by SAG.