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68-ton mast on a truck crane

68-ton mast on a truck crane

68-ton mast on a truck crane

A unique contract awaited the cable engineers in Ergolding: three masts were each to be raised by three meters.

Picture: © SAG

Three masts along the route of a threesystem 380 kV line between the Isar nuclear power plant and Ottenhofen were each to be raised by three meters.
To increase the height of the masts, the old bases had to be removed and replaced. The new bases are 26 meters high and weigh around 25 tons.

The line itself has an asymmetrical design: six quadruple-conductor lines on one side and three quadruple-conductor lines on the other. This meant that the masts had to be balanced with an additional nine tons during the work. This added weight to the already heavy masts (the cable weight of a mast is around 30 tons).

“A 500-ton truck crane lifted the 68-ton upper part of the mast including cross-arms and lines 84 meters above the ground,” says project manager Matthias Sperka. “The new bases were then installed underneath and the upper part set down again.” A 100-ton and a 200-ton crane were also used to help install the bases.

The project involved 15 fitters and site supervisor Josef Köll from SAG, eight employees from the truck crane company and ten employees from subcontractors who were tasked with the pre-assembly of the masts.