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Work while others are sound asleep

Work while others are sound asleep

More power, less wait

The stream of visitors during trade fair periods required shorter cycles of the underground traffic. Therefore, the power supply had to be increased - during the night and during short shut-down periods.

Trains on all underground rail lines of the Münchener Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) run generally every ten minutes and during rush hour also in five-minute cycles. The energy supply had to be increased for Line 2 of the Munich subway train to run the fairgrounds line in yet shorter cycles.

SAG handled the installation of the DC supply systems for this section. First, the new medium-voltage and electrical systems were wired. The greatest challenge in this project was the coordination and execution of complex reconstruction and cable laying work in the tunnel area during the short operating breaks or shut-down periods during the night. The installers of SAG laid a total of 2,600 meters of medium-voltage cable and 6,000 meters of traction cable.

Subsequently, the heart of the new system was installed: the medium-voltage and
DC switchgear including the feed point switches. In addition, the SAG technician installed the remote control, protection, and control technology as well as the transformers.

The Munich subway transports about one million passengers during each working day. These passengers have barely noticed anything about the complex reconstruction work because of the few shut-down times.