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An (almost) self-sufficient supply system

An (almost) self-sufficient supply system

Intelligently controlled

The medical specialist centre is using only 10% of its needed energy from the grid. SAG took care of the remaining need by installing smart grids

In times of increasing local energy production, photovoltaic facilities are seen on many roofs. However, what is particular about the photovoltaic facility on the roof of a medical specialist centre in Thuringia, is that the facility (107 kWp) together with a battery storage (68 kWh), a combined heat and power unit (15 kW electrical power and 30 kW thermal output) and four electric cars belong to an intelligent power supply system. With this, the medical specialist centre produces 90 percent of the energy it needs itself and obtains only ten percent of its power from the public power supply. SAG was contracted by Sinusstrom GmbH for the installation of the individual components of the Smart Grid.

In 2012 a wind turbine is to be additionally integrated into the system in order to further increase independence from the network. The combined heat and power unit only runs when heat is required and supplies its energy to the medical centre, the electric cars or the battery. A control system regulates the flow and decides independently, according to need, when power is stored or removed. In perspective, it is also possible in the future to realise a virtual power station and thereby regulating energy in the scale of several hundred MW, via the networking of such a Smart Grid system.

Only one week after the installation period, the photovoltaic facility was commissioned. It is followed by the installation of charging stations for electric cars and the connection of the battery storage.