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Most precisely and elaborately designed

Most precisely and elaborately designed

Transit of the steel giants

For almost 20 years the RWE Power AG gained brown coal in the Bergheim open-pit mine. Now the backfilling has been completed and the stacker 756 set out in the direction of its new place of activity.

The new destination of the stacker 756 was the Hambach open-pit mine. On its way there, it was necessary among other things, to overcome the crossing of the transport route with a main road and two parallel running RWE power lines. Due to its overall height, the stacker 756 did not fit underneath the conductors of the power lines. The transit was only made possible due to the temporary deposition of the turnkey conductors by a total of six electrical circuits.

Here the many years of close cooperation between RWE Power AG, which managed staff, machines, huge quantities of gravel and sand and the covering of main roads and SAG, who was contracted to carry out the dismantling and reassembly of the power line conductors, proved itself. A short time frame and a most precise cleverly designed schedule were kept to.

SAG has been a reliable partner for theses tasks for many decades and has optimised the required steps and technologies in many previous operations. The preparation began already one week before the planned date. The necessary equipment was transported and put into position. Provisional spare connections were produced. On the actual date, the SAG overhead power linesmen responsibly completed the work on the cables and poles, enabling the transit of the large machines. Following this, everything was returned to its original state in record time, the circuits were closed and provided to the RWE operator for the commissioning.

Furthermore, on its transport route to the Hambach open-pit mine, the large machines crossed the A61 motorway as well as further power lines. SAG was also here a reliable partner in the operation.