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Small scale power stations

Small scale power stations

Intelligent energy - homemade

With the "ZuhauseKraftwerke" (at home power plants), you produce your own and clean electricity right at home.

Key Facts

  • Customer: LichtBlick AG
  • Plant: very small combined heat and power units
  • Commissioning: 2011

The electrical power of a ZuhauseKrafterk amounts to about 19 KW and 32 KW for the heat output. A facility comprises of three modules, which when assembled, fit in the basement of a single-family home. It includes the highly efficient gas combustion engine by Volkswagen, which powers the generator to produce power and the heat storage system where the produced heat is buffered for household use. The third module is the communication unit, through which the facility can be intelligently controlled, to save costs and minimise impacts on the environment.

As a contractual partner of Lichtblick, SAG undertakes the installation of the Zuhausekraftwerke in the regions of Berlin (SAG GmbH) and Hamburg (SAG Erwin Peters). The installation process begins with dismantling possible existing old facilities. Afterwards the new modules are installed. Following this, SAG also takes care of the gas and electrical connections and thereby ensures the smooth running commissioning of the combined heat and power system.

As with some customers the ZuhauseKraftwerk can not be transported in one piece down to the basement, they must be partly dismantled and the modules are then supplied individually. SAG undertakes thereby the dismantling as well as the logistic management throughout Germany.

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