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Made up for lost time

Made up for lost time

Solar power under difficult conditions

The risk of floods, changed wind loads, and archaeological treasures required not only anticipatory planning and high flexibility but also a rapid assembly.

For the principal, the energy supplier Ergolding-Essenbach (EVE), the photovoltaic part is a pilot facility. More than 7,100 solar modules generate a total output of 1.3 MW and supply more than 350 households.

The energy supplier commissioned SAG with the planning, construction, and commissioning of the photovoltaic park. This project had us deal with very special conditions. For example, we had to install the frames for the solar modules with a significantly higher ground clearance than usual. The facility is located in the midst of a water retention area which is flooded to protect nearby subdivisions, whenever the neighbouring River Isar carry high water levels. The higher position of the solar modules impacts the wind attack static of the entire surface. The SAG engineers had to consider this during the planning stage.

Right at the start of the construction phase, the work had to be stopped for excavations in the photovoltaic park. Researchers had discovered graves from the Bronze Age in a nearby field and assumed that similar treasures could be found beneath the new facility. The SAG installers were able to make up for the delay that caused to the schedule and the photovoltaic park was commissioned right on schedule.

SAG installed more than 1,000 frames and two inverter stations in addition to the assembly and installation of the solar modules and laid more than 42 kilometres of cable.