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Natural gas from salt formations

Natural gas from salt formations

High technology underground

After the expansion of the storage facility in the salt dome in Kraak, E.ON Hanse can store nearly 300 million cubic meters of natural gas. It could supply heat for 150,000 private residences for one year.

Key Facts

  • Customer: E.ON Hanse
  • Plant: natural gas storage Kraak (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)
  • Commissioning: 2011

For several years, the energy supplier E.ON Hanse has operated three underground natural gas caverns in the salt dome in Kraak south of Schwerin. The salt formation, which is 1000 metres deep underground, had to be mined and a forth cavern was developed as storage to expand the capacities. The new gas storage allows now nearly 300 million of cubic meters of gas to be stored at the Kraak location.

For this project, SAG Erwin Peters delivered and installed the low-voltage systems and metering technology for the gas compressor. All measuring and control substations were produced, installed, and commissioned.