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Technology from one source

Technology from one source

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On Gut Lanken, SAG Erwin Peters connected the biogas system to the E.ON natural gas grid.

Key Facts

  • Customer: E.ON Hanse
  • Plant: biogas supply system, Gut Lanken (Schleswig-Holstein)
  • Commissioning: 2010

The biogas plant on Gut Lanken in Schleswig-Holstein has already been in operation since 2005. Nowadays it produces so much gas from corn plants that now not all of it can be converted into electricity on site. A connection to the E.ON Hanse natural gas network increases the efficiency of the facility.

SAG undertook the pipeline manufacturing and the complete facility construction
of the complex supply system: from the monitoring of the gas quality to the enrichment with propane, which brings the gas to the correct calorific value, to the compression on the pressure of the natural gas network. Both the PN16 screw compressors were provided by E.ON Hanse and inclusively the cooling circuit pipe engineering they were integrated into the facility by the SAG team.

The SAG subsidiary, SAG Erwin Peters, supplied the entire electrical, measuring and control technology for the supply station and installed the automation device Siemens S7 315F. Thereby the safety functions and the communication between the remote control system, the biogas facility, the compressor control and the regulation of the gas quality is monitored. All six switch cabinets, in which the entire technology has been implemented, were manufactured by SAG Erwin Peters.

So that all the facilities can maintain their operating temperature under so much pressure, SAG has also installed a ventilation system and air-conditioning.

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