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Spectacular lighting

Spectacular lighting

Lights on!

SAG has equipped a light art stage in Bochum with 320 meters of strip lights and therefore, it has highlighted anew a popular pub district.

The Bochum pub district "Bermuda3Eck" received a new light art stage by the name of "IMPULSE." Bermuda Gastronomie GmbH contracted with SAG for the illumination of the stage and the railway stretch behind the stage.

320 meters of highly flexible LED RGB light strips were installed. In addition,
SAG installed a DMX-based replay unit to control the lighting system.

At the place of the old stage under the GluckAuf! railway stretch, a filigree LED, steel, and cloth installation was created. The artistic light stage marks the starting point of the Bermuda3Eck and it will provide the proper framework from future cabaret events to concerts by the Bochum Symphonic Orchestra. The quality of the implementation and the easy programmability of the light control allow implementing all possible requirements.