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SAG enables expansion

SAG enables expansion

Clear the railway for planes

The current substation in Kelsterbach was replaced with a modern indoor substation installation facility to make way for the new runway at Frankfurt airport. SAG dismantled all overhead power lines, which were replaced by cable supplies.

In connection with the expansion of Frankfurt airport, the SAG undertook extensive conversion work, in the form of two large projects in overhead power lines of Amprion GmbH and the RWE Group.

From an early stage the transformer substation Kelsterbach had been considered by Amprion and the airport operator FRAPORT as an important element of the expansion of the Rhein-Main-Airport. Therefore, the existing open-air station was replaced by a new indoor substation installation facility in SF6 technology. In this connection, SAG was given the purchase order to dismantle all power lines in the area of the old transformer substation Kelsterbach, to create space for the new runway.

The second large project, as part of the airport development, concerned the expansion of the Amprion overhead power line road from Koblenz to Kelsterbach. As an increase in the operating voltage was not possible on the existing power poles on the section of the route Marxheim-Kelsterbach, this section had to be newly built as a 380 kV power line. For 20, out of a total of 23 new poles, a flight obstacle beaconing plant was planned, supplied and installed. Furthermore, the crossing of 2 electrified railway lines, the river Main and the six-lane motorway A 66 was particularly challenging.