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  • Cable in the airCable in the air

    Cable in the air

    SAG was commissioned by the Sasbachwalden District to connect the end consumers in the outer areas of Sasbachwalden to the fibre-optic grid.

  • A seal of qualityA seal of quality

    A seal of quality

    For more than three years now, SAG CeGIT has been working closely with the German Energy Agency (dena) to develop the German Biogas Register.

  • MSCDN plant as a turnkey projectMSCDN plant as a turnkey project

    MSCDN plant as a turnkey project

    In Goldshöfe, SAG is installing a 250 Mvar compensation system within the existing switchgear as a turnkey project.

  • Düsseldorf lighting in safe handsDüsseldorf lighting in safe hands

    Düsseldorf lighting in safe hands

    Stadtwerke Düsseldorf trust of many crafts for public lighting on the skills of the SAG.

  • Construction and upgrading work in FrimmersdorfConstruction and upgrading work in Frimmersdorf

    Construction and upgrading work in Frimmersdorf

    In the space of just six months, SAG carried out extensive construction and upgrading work to secure the supply to the public grid and the Garzweiler open-cast mine.

  • Light into Frankfurt’s Ostend DistrictLight into Frankfurt’s Ostend District

    Light into Frankfurt’s Ostend District

    The SAG branch in Langen was responsible for ensuring the Osthafenbrücke Frankfurt was cast in its best light.

  • Colourful Tunnel LightingColourful Tunnel Lighting

    Colourful Tunnel Lighting

    The needs of human beings and bats were a top priority of the SAG lighting project for the Nordbahntrasse in Wuppertal, Germany.

  • Flying high on overhead line mastsFlying high on overhead line masts

    Flying high on overhead line masts

    Thanks to SAG, birds can come into land on many power masts in West Germany and take off again without coming to harm.

  • 68-ton mast on a truck crane68-ton mast on a truck crane

    68-ton mast on a truck crane

    A unique contract awaited the cable engineers in Ergolding: three masts were each to be raised by three meters.

  • District heating on a rollDistrict heating on a roll

    District heating on a roll

    Karlstein regional office lays district heating route directly under a bridge over the River Main in the center of Aschaffenburg.

  • Replacement of electrical components Replacement of electrical components

    Replacement of electrical components

    Energieversorgung Offenbach AG (EVO AG) commissioned the SAG Power Plants/Industrial Technology branch in Essen for replacing electrical components in the waste-fueled power plant in Offenbach.

  • Strong togetherStrong together

    Strong together

    During the new construction of a 110 / 380 kV line for the network operator Amprion, SAG has proven its competences in handling major line construction projects.

  • XXL district heatingXXL district heating

    XXL district heating

    When the largest airplane in the world, the Airbus A380, is being serviced in Germany's largest industrial hall, it needs a heat supply that will do the job.

  • Partner of the industrial estatePartner of the industrial estate

    Partner of the industrial estate

    In the Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate, SAG has been a reliable and capable partner for the energy-related infrastructure - from project start to project end.

  • Biogas from the Industriepark HöchstBiogas from the Industriepark Höchst

    Biogas from the Industriepark Höchst

    SAG supplied and installed the biogas infeed plant for biogas treatment in the Industriepark Höchst.

  • New cable passes under the MainNew cable passes under the Main

    New cable passes under the Main

    The overhead lines between the Seligenstadt and Dettingen am Main substations were replaced by an underground cable system. SAG took on the challenging project.

  • Spectacular lightingSpectacular lighting

    Spectacular lighting

    SAG has equipped a light art stage in Bochum with 320 meters of strip lights and therefore, it has highlighted anew a popular pub district.

  • Overhead lines for FinlandOverhead lines for Finland

    Overhead lines for Finland

    For many years, SAG has been a partner of Finnish network operator Fingrid Oyj and has carried out challenging power line construction projects in the far north of Europe.

  • Improved power supply for the railwayImproved power supply for the railway

    Improved power supply for the railway

    In order for the ICE power supply on the Karlsruhe-Mannheim-Stuttgart route to continue working at an optimum level, SAG modernised the Karlsruhe substation.

  • Integrated engineering servicesIntegrated engineering services

    Integrated engineering services

    It is a complex and demanding task to restructure existing power networks from 220 kV to 380 kV. SAG happily faced the challenge.

  • Power for Germany's longest road tunnelPower for Germany's longest road tunnel

    Power for Germany's longest road tunnel

    The Rennsteigtunnel is fitted with complex electro-technical infrastructure. SAG supplied and installed a 10 kV substation for power supply.

  • Comprehensive all-round packetComprehensive all-round packet

    Comprehensive all-round packet

    The most modern gas and steam power plant in the world at the Ingelheimer Aue location required a corresponding gas pressure regulation and measurement system. SAG took care of it.

  • Surmounting all obstaclesSurmounting all obstacles

    Surmounting all obstacles

    In Ireland, SAG demonstrated how to cross three very busy transport routes with one overhead line without disrupting the traffic.

  • Winds of ChangeWinds of Change

    Winds of Change

    When it comes to the realization of the energy transition, SAG is the right partner. Like at the high-performance Bedburg Windpark, with a capacity of 24 MW.

  • Operational management via ISDN and DSLOperational management via ISDN and DSL

    Operational management via ISDN and DSL

    Thanks to modern online technology, SAG is able to handle operational management of substations that is hundreds of kilometres away.

  • Complete services for BoAComplete services for BoA

    Complete services for BoA

    The most modern lignite power station in the world was created in Niederaußem. During the electro-technical installation, operator RWE Power relied on SAG as a full service provider.

  • 1.11 Megawatts on the roof1.11 Megawatts on the roof

    1.11 Megawatts on the roof

    23,000 square meters of roof surface should not be unused thought the Deutsche Bahn and had a photovoltaic system installed on top of their hall.

  • A secure base, guaranteedA secure base, guaranteed

    A secure base, guaranteed

    In northern Hessian, SAG repaired 25 concrete overhead line pylons and also gave the customer another 15 year guarantee on its stability.

  • Tests with LED lightsTests with LED lights

    Tests with LED lights

    Traditional street lighting should be replaced gradually with climate-friendly and cost efficient alternatives. SAG realised an innovative LED lighting system for this purpose.

  • Power-saving: One for allPower-saving: One for all

    Power-saving: One for all

    Waste processing on the one hand, energy generation on the other: A highly-efficient energy recycling plant guarantees the power supply of the industrial site at Premnitz.

  • Efficient actionEfficient action

    Efficient action

    After a big thunderstorm in the summer of 2011, SAG was called for fault clearance as competent partner.

  • An (almost) self-sufficient supply systemAn (almost) self-sufficient supply system

    An (almost) self-sufficient supply system

    The medical specialist centre is using only 10% of its needed energy from the grid. SAG took care of the remaining need by installing smart grids

  • Lighting conceptLighting concept

    Lighting concept

    Since the centre of the town Wallenhorst located in Lower Saxony has been restored, the St. Alexander Church shines in new splendour: SAG implemented the concept of the lighting planner Burkhard Wand perfectly.

  • Smart MaintenanceSmart Maintenance

    Smart Maintenance

    Maintenances processes can be optimized if supported by IT. During an evaluation process concerning the status of the gas pressure regulator systems, SAG has shown how it's done

  • Work while others are sound asleepWork while others are sound asleep

    Work while others are sound asleep

    The stream of visitors during trade fair periods required shorter cycles of the underground traffic. Therefore, the power supply had to be increased - during the night and during short shut-down periods.

  • Safe operation guaranteedSafe operation guaranteed

    Safe operation guaranteed

    For this industrial company, uninterrupted power supply is even during renovations highly important. SAG ensured on-going operations at TOTAL.

  • Technology from one sourceTechnology from one source

    Technology from one source

    On Gut Lanken, SAG Erwin Peters connected the biogas system to the E.ON natural gas grid.

  • Small scale power stationsSmall scale power stations

    Small scale power stations

    With the "ZuhauseKraftwerke" (at home power plants), you produce your own and clean electricity right at home.

  • Managed services for a geo-information systemManaged services for a geo-information system

    Managed services for a geo-information system

    For the Rüsselsheim public utilities, the time factor was decisive in switching from analogue network documentation to a modern GIS. CeGIT proved to be the right partner.

  • SAG enables expansionSAG enables expansion

    SAG enables expansion

    The current substation in Kelsterbach was replaced with a modern indoor substation installation facility to make way for the new runway at Frankfurt airport. SAG dismantled all overhead power lines, which were replaced by cable supplies.

  • Full steam aheadFull steam ahead

    Full steam ahead

    SAG Erwin Peters provided safe operations of the gas compressor system when the gas and steam turbines of RWE were expanded at the Lingen power plant location.

  • Most precisely and elaborately designedMost precisely and elaborately designed

    Most precisely and elaborately designed

    For almost 20 years the RWE Power AG gained brown coal in the Bergheim open-pit mine. Now the backfilling has been completed and the stacker 756 set out in the direction of its new place of activity.

  • 250 kilometre of transmission line fitted250 kilometre of transmission line fitted

    250 kilometre of transmission line fitted

    SAG provided more power for the existing 38 kV high voltage line with two newly installed electrical circuits. The A37 had to be crossed and several reconstructions had to be carried out.

  • Made up for lost timeMade up for lost time

    Made up for lost time

    The risk of floods, changed wind loads, and archaeological treasures required not only anticipatory planning and high flexibility but also a rapid assembly.

  • A modular structureA modular structure

    A modular structure

    The Centre for GeoInformation Technology (CeGIT) of SAG develops software solutions for the customer relationship management of RWE Vertrieb AG and RWE AG.

  • Complete overhaulComplete overhaul

    Complete overhaul

    SAG Erwin Peters provided a complete one-stop service to boost the efficiency of the natural gas plant in Emsbüren.

  • Safety all along the lineSafety all along the line

    Safety all along the line

    Higher safety underground was the aim of the modernisation of the lighting systems of two Nuremberg underground lines.

  • Secure power supply on the islandSecure power supply on the island

    Secure power supply on the island

    The refurbishment of the entire medium-voltage network in Ireland was a mammoth project. It required experienced partners such as SAG in order to overcome the logistical challenges.

  • Services for auxiliary power plant systemsServices for auxiliary power plant systems

    Services for auxiliary power plant systems

    In the RWE Niederaußem power plant, SAG takes care of the systems operation for ash removal, such as supervising conveyor belts of a total length of five kilometres.

  • Natural gas from salt formationsNatural gas from salt formations

    Natural gas from salt formations

    After the expansion of the storage facility in the salt dome in Kraak, E.ON Hanse can store nearly 300 million cubic meters of natural gas. It could supply heat for 150,000 private residences for one year.

  • Fit for ten million kilometresFit for ten million kilometres

    Fit for ten million kilometres

    At the Hamburg location, Lufthansa Technology overhauls aircraft engines, which have covered nearly ten million kilometres. It requires the latest in maintenance technology to make the fit again.

  • All traffic lights in sightAll traffic lights in sight

    All traffic lights in sight

    Faults on traffic light systems often lead to congestion. In order to be able to react quickly in the case of failure, central monitoring is required. SAG had the right solution for the provincial road agency in Brandenburg.

  • Help in the midst of a blizzardHelp in the midst of a blizzard

    Help in the midst of a blizzard

    After a bitter winter in Münsterland in 2005, SAG quickly restored power to the region.