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SAG wins the HERMES AWARD 2014


SAG wins the HERMES AWARD 2014

The SAG GmbH is the winner of the HERMES AWARDS in 2014. The jury presented the prestigious award for the solution nominated by SAG, the iNES - Intelligentes Verteilnetz-Management (Intelligent Distribution Grid Management System), with which a conventional low voltage grid can be converted in to a smart grid. "The award ceremony is, for us as a service provider for energy technical infrastructure, an excellent opportunity to introduce our solution, which has been developed in cooperation with science, industry and grid operators, to a much larger public" according to Sven Behrend, CTO of SAG Group GmbH, when commenting the award ceremony on 6 April at the exhibition in Hannover.

Langen, 7 April 2014. The HERMES AWARD was presented by the Federal Minister for Education and Research, Professor Johanna Wanka. "The energy revolution is a large scale project that encompasses the whole of society. To enable its implementation, ground breaking innovations are of great significance for the intelligent restructuring of networks, as they help protect the environment and its resources. The federal government drives sustainable energy research, while making a conscious effort to support the energy revolution", according to the minister in her honorific speech on the occasion of the prize ceremony.

The jury's voting was unanimous at the HERMES AWARD. Professor Wolfgang Wahlster, Chairman of the jury and Chairman of the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) substantiated the award as follows: "SAG GmbH and co-operation partners have shown a migration path with iNES which, beginning with the existing components of the current distribution grid, allows for the gradual conversion in to a Smart Grid. It has proved to be convincing from an economic perspective, in addition to the technological solution it provides, as it allows for us to avoid a part of the cost-intensive grid expansion, thanks to the improved degree of capacity utilisation, without endangering the grid stability."

In the build-up, the jury had already judged the SAG Product iNES to be "ground breaking" in terms of driving a decentralised, intelligent energy supply, and was, therefore, nominated for the prize. The modular, decentralised and self-sufficient measuring and control system platform iNES consists of a decentralised function to identify the grid state, through the use of decentralised intelligent software agents. The infeed and flow capacity situations are controlled in real time. On demand, critical deviations can be regulated, targeted and balanced out through the use of available control devices in the grid, as well as through associated generators and users. Available network capacities can be utilized to an optimal level and can be upgraded with iNES in three steps, from station monitoring, through to network monitoring and the network automation, reducing conventional expansion of the grid without endangering grid stability.

More intelligence in the network

"As a technical operating system for the Smart Grid, iNES forms the backbone of the energy revolution, as well as the basis Smart Market approaches as an impulse generator for further energy saving potential and the efficient use of energy, through the user of storage, Power-to-Gas etc.", Sven Behrend explained. The next step now requires the gradual intelligent integration of iNES in to the grid. The advantage of this SAG product: "A maximum of 10 to 15 grid nodes need to be fitted with iNES hardware, to automatically register the grid condition and potential changes in the grid topology", emphasised Behrend. "With iNES, electrical conditions can be completely mapped out transparently at a local distribution system, allowing for the detection of errors which can then be counteracted in a self-sufficient, decentralised way."

SAG Group
The SAG Group is a leading partner for energy technical infrastructure for supplier and industrial companies. SAG offers services and systems which are independent of manufacturers, for energy creation through to the transfer and distribution in electricity, gas and water networks. Approximately 8,000 employees generate a turnover of over EUR 1bn. The SAG headquarters are based in Langen, Germany, and the company has a large geographic network with over 100 sites, with subsidiaries covering France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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