Fully prepared.
For any challenge.  

SPIE SAG stands for technical expertise, quality and excellent service.  

Our quality standards

Our customers', associates' and employees' satisfaction is based on the highest level of quality. In order to secure this high level of quality, we have committed ourselves to standards to which we always hold when providing our goods and services. These standards also cover the fields of environmental protection and work safety.


We determine and implement individual customer requirements for our goods and services, focusing on customer satisfaction and efficiency when completing our contracts.

Environmental protection

We minimise the environmental impact of our goods and services and conserve natural resources by using advanced materials and energy-saving technology where possible under general operating conditions.

Work safety

We consider the protection of the life and health of our employees to be an ongoing commitment. Providing work safety is not just seen as a legal obligation at SPIE SAG, but it is part of the corporate culture