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The ombudsman is to receive confidential information about suspicion of corruption, economic crime or similar serious irregularities that could harm the business of the SPIE SAG Group including its subsidiaries. Both employees and third parties may contact him free of charge.

Due to his legal and professional obligation of confidentiality and his right to refuse to testify, the ombudsman can protect the identity of whistleblowers. Any contact and all communication with the ombudsman are also protected.

Contact details

Dr. Rainer Buchert, lawyer
Kanzlei Dr. Buchert Rechtsanwälte
Kettenhofweg 1, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Phone:  + 49 69 710 33 33 0 oder + 49 6105 921355
Fax:     + 49 69 710 34 44 4
E-Mail:  kanzlei(at)dr-buchert.de