Fully prepared.
For any challenge.  

SPIE SAG stands for technical expertise, quality and excellent service.  

We are committed!

To young talent

SPIE SAG is very dedicated to the professional and social support of young people. The basis for a successful start in working life is laid out during education. We support young talent, from school children to students, with various internal and external projects and with various levels of training.

We support the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk (DKHW)

We sponsor selected SPIE SAG trainees


To the socially disadvantaged

Many people in Germany lack the most basic things. Often they do not even have enough for one decent meal. So that these people are not forgotten in our society, various organisations are getting involved and collecting donations, thereby catering for the needy. We are currently supporting "Die Tafeln" with various fund-raising campaigns, providing over a million needy people with food nationwide.