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SPIE SAG stands for technical expertise, quality and excellent service.  

Connected to the grid for 100 years

On the 11th of August 1916, Starkstrom Aktiengesellschaft was founded by the railway construction company Becker & Co., Berlin, with a share capital of 100,000 Reichsmark. SAG was founded to advance the electrification in the cities and in the countryside by building the necessary infrastructure.

History of SPIE SAG

Securing the future

Over the past century, the construction and development of the energy infrastructure in Germany has been very successful. The country has one of the most modern transmission networks in the world and guarantees security of supply in every location. However, the energy transition and the associated phasing-out of nuclear energy place new demands on the existing infrastructure. SAG has already played a significant part in the development and restructuring of the distribution networks in recent years, which makes it possible to feed renewable energy into the next higher voltage levels. The long-term energy transition project will bring about the most important social and technological changes of modern times.

With over 100-year experience, SPIE SAG is proud to actively participate in this process of change in the coming years.